Mushroom picking

Why not take a walk in the woods for some mushroom picking in september and october.

The pine, oak and birch forests around the resort are abundant with mushrooms. You can find plently of boleteses, porcini, birch bolete, chanterelles and brown-yellow boletuses.

In the clearings and by the roadsides leading through the beech forest you can find parasol mushrooms and saffron milk caps. The you can dry and process your mushrooms in your bungalow.


The shape and the layout of the lake lubie ( 14.7 kilometres long ) and wind directions provide excellent conditions for sailing.
The depth of the lake – up to 42 metres. The approach to the harbour – 0,7 – 1 metres.

The resort has a slipway which provides a convenient launching point for boats and ships from trailers.
There are western winds blowing along the lake.

400 metres from the resort there is a shallow meander pool with a depth of 1.2 metres which is safe for beginners – professionals surf on the deeper parts of the lake.

The resort rents out amateur windsurfing boards.


At the resort you are able to rent all manner of watercraft: rowing boats equipped with a keel for installing an outboard engine, single or double plastic canoes, pedaloes, surfboards and water skis.

The resort provides life jackets and life vests.

Near gudowo, the drawa river flows into the lake, and few hundred metres from the resort lubie it flows through a part of a military service area towards the sea. The part at the mouth of the lake lubie is the most picturesque and difficult part of the canoeing watercourse, which is reserved for professionals. We can help our guests to obtain special permission required for canoeing in this section.
The lake lubie is the only lake of the drawsko lake district where you are allowed to use boats with internal-combustion engines.


The custodians of this region have prepared a 50-kilometer route, which has its own degrees of difficulty marked in red colour, around the lake lubie, especially for visitors who like to cycle. The surrounding forests are perfect for hiking. The stand is dominated by pines, which together with oaks, birches and beeches form a beautiful mixed forest. There are also hornbeams, line trees, poplars, maples and some atlantic species such as common broom, genista pilosa, silver hairgrass and lady orchids, the presence of which is related to the influence of the marine climate.


Lake lubie is home to a number of fish species. You can catch for instance : pike, pikeperch, eels, bream, tench, perch, roach, zarte and rudd. The resort rents out fishing boats for a day or for longer periods of time.

The sale of 3,7 and 14–day recreational fishing licences is provided by przedsiębiorstwo rybackie złocieniec (złocieniec fishing enterprise)